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How to pay and manage all expenses with one card?

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Refrigeration Services

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Maeva Fostier • Assistante de gestion

C2A thanks Maeva Fostier, management assistant at Réfrigération Services (a subsidiary of Creat Services), who agreed to answer C2A's questions.

Réfrigération Services is a company offering a refrigeration installation service. As its business requires frequent travel, the expense of fuel, accommodation and catering can make managing expense accounts a tricky and complex task.

Why did you choose the C2A fuel card?

We chose C2A Flex cards to give our employees the possibility to pay for their fuel but also for other types of expenses. Unlike traditional fuel cards, the C2A Flex card can be used to pay for all authorised business expenses. Our employees therefore also use them to pay for tolls, hotels or small business equipment.

Maeva Fostier • Management assistant

C2A cards are not only fuel cards. As a can Mastercard®, the user can make transactions anywhere. The C2A solution is : cards that can be configured and personalised on the customer's web space, MyC2A Card Manager. This allows the company's decision-maker to choose the expenses that cardholders can make. If cardholders often stay at the hotel, the card manager can give access to this type of expenditure. Conversely, if he does not want his cardholders to eat out, he can set the card so that this type of expenditure cannot be made. And if one day, one of the cardholders tries to make an unauthorised expenditure, the manager is alerted. All that is required is to log on to the customer area and authorise (for a period of 2 hours) the transaction or not.

What are the advantages of the C2A fuel card for daily administration and accounting?

There is no need to go back to the head office to bring back the tickets, a simple photo by the employee and the ticket is associated with the transaction.

Maeva Fostier • Management assistant

Indeed, thanks to the web space made for cardholders, MyC2A Check, they can consult their available balance at any time, geolocate nearby service stations or manage their expense reports. In order to complete the latter, they simply need to fill in the required fields and take a photo of the receipts for their expenses. Taking photos greatly reduces the risk of loss or omission.

I can also output the statements to a single Excel file and process them all at once. It's much simpler and easily saves me a good half day's work !

Maeva Fostier • Management assistant

As our client explains, thanks to the C2A platform, it is possible to retrieve all the centralized statements. No need to enter them one by one, it's a real time saver.

Finally, how would you describe the C2A solution?

For me, the C2A solution combines the ease of use of a credit card with a range of mobile services, controls and settings. I appreciate its convenience more than anything else.

Maeva Fostier • Management assistant

If the C2A solution were to be summarised in a few words, we could describe it as a multi-service solution. More than just a Mastercard® and a fuel card, it offers a multitude of services designed to simplify the lives of companies. As a true savings generator, the C2A solution saves time and money.

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Camille - Copywriter

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