The most advantageous fuel card?

The C2A card, accepted in 100% of European service stations, is the perfect solution.

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Choosing the right fuel card in 3 questions

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Will a single-brand petrol card cover all my travel in France and Europe ?

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Is or will my fleet be multi-energy ?

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What associated services do I expect from the fuel card?

With the C2A payment solution, your staff can pay for fuel and other services wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

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Never stuck on the road

No need to drive for miles, you will always find a station nearby with the C2A multi-brand and multi-service fuel card.

12 %

Did you know ?


For transport operators, fuel is the biggest expense (after wages). By working on it, you can save up to 12%.

The C2A card is the only fuel card that does not require a deposit

C2A cards simply work with one centralised account to be funded.

Your cash flow becomes profitable and a source of savings.

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Join without paying a deposit

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Top up your C2A payment account

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Be free to set up your C2A cards

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Be the sole master of your management

What is the advantage of filling up at fuel card partner stations if you have to make 20 kilometer detours ?


The C2A card is accepted throughout the Mastercard® network, so you have access to all stations inEurope.

The right equation = Proximity x Price x Fuel Network.


Combine the advantages of a fuel card and a bank card in one configurable medium.

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The C2A card makes it possible to manage all expenses related to mobility: fuel, tolls, hotels, car parks and more.


Managing your driver's mobility means more than just delivering energy.


The C2A card is associated with the best partners so you can benefit from its many connected services.


Change your card provider

Up to 12% savings compared to traditional single-brand petrol cards.

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Benefit from our monthly invoice

Your accounting and VAT recovery are simplified for fuel expenses within our partner network.

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Drive with complete peace of mind

Medical assistance, repatriation and guarantee against fraudulent use? This is included in the C2A card.

Our C2A Truck card
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They trust us

SMEs,very small companies,large accounts, companies in difficulty or start-ups. Our C2A card isavailable for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



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Kévin Guérin

Operator at Fernex

« Never get stuck on the road, neither in France or abroad ! I can unblock my drivers myself, very quickly... »

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Patrick Mendy

Director at P. Mendy

"My aim is to take advantage of the 12% discount that C2A gets on Repsol fuel prices, but also to, etc ..."

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