C2A Truck

This payment and fuel card is designed to control real-time business costs for your truck and coach fleets.

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More than a fuel card for the transport industry 

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Never stuck on the road

Combine the advantages of a bank card and a fuel card on a single Mastercard® medium.

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Cheaper fuel prices

Get low-cost fuel rates, and benefit from a single digital invoice within our network.

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No deposit or financial guarantee

No deposit required to open the account. Your cash flow earns you money instead of sleeping in the bank.

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Up to 12% savings*

Refuel at 92,000** stations across Europe, including nearly 2,300 low-cost partner stations.

**Example of a discount: 15 €uro cents/litre at some REPSOL partner stations for Truck card users **Source: National Oil Industry Associations, FPS Economy, DG Energy, end of 2018

Savings on fuel costs

Access all service stations (Diesel, LNG and electric) that accept Mastercard®, benefit from our negotiated discounts within the partner network and use dynamic geolocation.

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Save on your fleet management

Track your expenses in real time on a single web page. You are free to configure your Mastercard® cards by type of expenditure, according to the periods and countries visited. All this, by associating each payment method with its vehicle in one click.

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Saving on accounting

Recover VAT and DIESEL TAXES  thanks to the monthly invoice, integrate the flows in your accounting chart and view the available balance of your cards online. All this without any financial guarantee.

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Fuel is the second highest expenditure item (after wages) for transport companies that manage mobility.

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By optimising your fuel costs, you can save up to 12%.

Always be prepared for the unexpected! Thanks to the Mastercard® network, your drivers can go anywhere, at the lowest cost and without making any detours.

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Your employees can safely pay for business expenses authorised by the card manager. 

You have a single web interface to manage all your business expenses. No locked-in cash flow as no deposit is required.

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You will benefit from monthly invoicing (in the C2A fuel network), that can be used to easily recover VAT and DIESEL TAXES. 

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Your C2A card
no deposit required

We optimise your cash flow to the maximum, which
becomes a source of savings for you.

They trust us

SMEs, very small companies, large accounts, companies in difficulty or start-ups. Our C2A card is available for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



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Kevin Guérin

Operator at Fernex

"Never get stuck on the road, neither in France nor abroad! I can unblock my drivers myself, very quickly...”


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Lilian Faur

Manager of A.FAUR

"C2A cards give autonomy to my drivers who pay for their authorised restaurant, toll, car mark, hotel and other expenses anywhere in Europe..."


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Eric Casseault

Accountant at TLM

"We adopted deposit-free C2A cards so that we no longer have to advance a month's cash ..."


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Ms Souchon

Operations Manager at Ortet

"Now that they are equipped with C2A cards, drivers no longer leave with large sums of money. This way they avoid risks and theft attempts.”


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