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How does the C2A fuel card prevent fraud?

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Nowadays, many companies give cash advances to their employees, either in cash or on a bank card. These 2 means are not without risk, since there is no control that can be done. The risks of fraud are very high. To simplify the life of these companies, C2A has set up a solution, with secure chip cards, to control expenses and reduce the risk of fraud.

Autocars Ortet has 70 years of experience. Created in Saleich, on the border between the Haute-Garonne and the Ariège (France), the company started with 2 vehicles. The radius of action was gradually extended to the Volvestre and the Muretaine region. Then the expansion was accompanied by an increase of its market shares towards Europe. Today, the company has about fifty coaches to transport its passengers.

How was the distribution of budgets with your drivers before the C2A card?

Prior to the adoption of the C2A solution, in order for drivers to pay for all of their non-fuel expenses, the company provided drivers with large amounts of cash.

Mme Souchon • Company Operations Manager

This situation did not satisfy either the manager or the employee:

  • Risk of theft, loss of money,
  • Great insecurity of the drivers,
  • Increased requirement for accurate expense reports

Since the C2A fuel card, are you able to avoid fraud?

Our drivers are now equipped with C2A cards and no longer leave with large sums. This way, they avoid risks and theft attempts. We didn't want to equip them with bank cards either, as these are unlimited, without control.

Mme Souchon • Company Operations Manager

Thanks to the MyC2A web space, the customer can control and parameterize the expenses authorized to his cardholders, in a totally free way. Moreover, he can modify the authorizations whenever he wants. If one of his cardholders tries to make an unauthorized payment beforehand, he receives an alert. It is then up to the cardholder to decide whether or not to authorize the transaction (for a period of two hours). Avoiding fraud has never been easier.

It's very simple for us because we can follow their use directly online and control the budgets.

Mme Souchon • Company Operations Manager

What are the advantages of the C2A card?

With C2A cards, everyone wins: "the driver benefits from the flexibility of a blue card and the operator from the possibility of managing and controlling the cards in real time."

Souchon says the two main advantages are "flexibility and security. This balance allows for a form of serenity on the part of both the employer and the employees.

Would you recommend the C2A card?

Ms. Souchon immediately confided to us that she had introduced C2A cards in another bus company she had recently bought.

If C2A's solution had to be summarized, it could be described as a solution with a good balance between control and simplicity. The solution is tailored to you and C2A is available to advise you. Between the flexibility of a Mastercard® and the security of a control possible wherever you are.

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Camille - Copywriter

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