C2A Flex Card

The smartest card for managing your mobile staff’s expenses in Europe. New: hotel booking service in France!

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Illustration of Piggy with a C2A Flex card.

C2A Card: the only all-in-one travel card

Pictogram of a fuel card.

A unique card

Choose the type of expenses allowed (fuel, toll, hotel, car park, etc.) when setting up the card.

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Cheaper fuel

Access ALL the cheapest petrol stations in France and Europe.

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Your travel costs simplified

Automate your expense management and halve the time spent entering data on average!

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Never stuck on the road

92,000* stations in Europe, including nearly 2,300 low-cost partner stations. Diesel, gas or electric charging!


*Source: National Oil Industry Associations, FPS Economy, DG Energy, end of 2018

Save time on management

Track ALL your expenses online in a single web page and manage your fleet of vehicles with this Mastercard© that can be configured by type of expense, by period and by country.

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Creative image with the C2A Flex card, the MyC2A web space and the drawing of a car Pictogram of a piggy bank.

Be smart !

Access all petrol stations (Diesel, gas and electric) with the C2A card, which can be used on the entire Mastercard® payment network. You will also benefit from our partner network for your hotel bookings, and soon ferry, Eurotunnel and car parks!

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Man driving and consulting the MyC2A web space Pictogram of a petrol pump.

Make it easier for your employees to travel

Centralise all your expenses on a single platform and automate the declaration of professional expenses. You can also digitalise your receipts and create your expense reports in a few clicks using your smartphone.

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Illustration of the C2A web space with an image of a mountain road in the background Settings pictogram.

The implementation of a travel policy for its employees has become a key factor in generating savings and practicing an intelligent HR policy.

Illustration of the different C2A online services

The fleet manager can define the categories of expenses allowed (fuel, hotel, car park, etc.), as well as limit its use to a country zone, a period of use and a spending limit.

Thanks to the Mastercard® network, the C2A card is a single card for all your employees' expenses. Their in-field experience is thus optimised.

Man driving and consulting the MyC2A web space

The MyC2A Check service allows the user to check the available balance, find the nearest petrol station, the cheapest hotel and declare expenses, all from their smartphone.

No more re-entering and reconciling Excel sheets, as everything is compiled directly in the My C2A Inpensa expense report software.

Photograph of a woman with a calculator

This results in significant time savings and the ability to focus on your core accounting business.

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C2A: your deposit-free

payment solution

No deposit or financial guarantee required,
we optimise your cash flow to the maximum.

They trust us

SMEs, very small companies, large accounts, companies in difficulty or start-ups. Our C2A card is available for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



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Logo of A.FAUR

Lilian Faur

Manager of A.FAUR

"C2A cards give autonomy to my drivers who pay for their authorised restaurant, toll, car mark, hotel and other expenses anywhere in Europe..."


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Logo of Creat

Maeva Forestier

Management assistant at Creat

"With the C2A card, it's much simpler and I can easily save a good half-day's work...”


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Logo of Ortet

Ms Souchon

Operation Manager at Ortet

"Now that they are equipped with C2A cards, drivers no longer leave with large sums of money. This way they avoid risks and theft attempts.”


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Logo of TLM

Eric Casseault

Accountant at TLM

"We adopted deposit-free C2A cards so that we no longer have to advance a month's cash ..."


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