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Benefit from a fuel card with no financial deposit

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There are many companies that offer business card solutions for fuel. But most of them require a deposit in the form of a financial guarantee. This can be a big handicap for companies depending on the sector of activity.
Some companies may be waiting for payments from customers and therefore may not be able to immediately pay what they owe. At C2A, we offer a complete solution adapted to all, without a security deposit.

In this case study, we meet Eric Casseault, accountant at TLM Transports. The company is specialized in the transport of general merchandise in France and in neighboring countries.

At its creation in 1989, the company distributed shoes on the national territory. Over time, it has gradually developed and now offers a wide range of skills and services such as:

  • Road, sea and air transport
  • Receipt and storage of goods
  • Logistics
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Delivery with lifting arm and forklift on board


The C2A fuel card, accessible without a financial deposit

The company decided to adopt this solution "in order not to have to advance a month's cash flow, which was previously the case with the use of cards from a competing solution from a major oil company". With a month's deposit blocked, TLM felt that they "had to pay for another month's consumption of diesel!

With C2A, you don't have that problem. You control everything in a centralized account where you pay only the amounts you need and control your expenses as you go along.

The C2A card is much more than a fuel card

TLM now benefits from "the flexibility of an account that can be funded at the customer's pace and therefore allows them to manage their own cash flow according to their needs."

Indeed, thanks to the web space customer, MyC2A, you have access at any time and in any place to your balance and those of the cardholders. Totally configurable and customizable, you are free in the management of your expenses, according to your needs linked to your activity.

A solution that is easy to implement and accessible to all

The cards were delivered very quickly after they were ordered and in the end, "it was very simple. For the drivers, the use of a card remains the same. And for the accounting department, it's a win-win situation.

The C2A card being a Mastercard®, there is effectively no difference with a classic bank card. As for the accounting department, the client space, MyC2A, dedicated to the decision-maker, allows them to retrieve the statements of the expenses made with the receipts integrated, which can save several hours of work. By entrusting cardholders with the task of filling in the required fields and taking a picture of the receipt on their own web space, MyC2A Check. This allows the expense to be justified, eliminates the risk of lost or forgotten receipts, and automates the management of expense reports.

A C2A platform that allows you to control all your cards (fuels)

Mr. Cousseault describes this platform as "simple to use and user-friendly".

I can easily find the history of all our drivers' oil consumption whenever I want. I can check that they are following our policy and, for example, not filling up on a Friday night. Since the cards draw from the company's main account and use the available funds, we have set up
personalized limits based on the specific usage of our drivers. As a result, there are never any instances of non-compliant card use, nor have we ever encountered a security issue.

M.Cousseault • Accountant at TLM Transports

Finally, we can say that the C2A solution gives a balance between the flexibility of a bank card and the order in the free parameterization according to the needs of the company. A solution that can be adapted to everyone.

You decide what expenses your carriers can or cannot make and fund the accounts accordingly. From gasoline to lodging, tolls, restaurants, repairs, you choose.

C2A's extensive fuel network, a major advantage for carriers

My drivers go as close as possible, no need to look for a particular gas station since the card is accepted everywhere. That's a huge advantage for us.

M.Cousseault • Accountant at TLM Transports

Thanks to MyC2A Check, not only do cardholders have access to expense management but also to the FuelNetwork. They can geo-locate themselves, in order to find nearby stations, as well as compare prices.

It is important to know that with the C2A card, you benefit from a wide choice, since we offer a European fuel network of more than 2,300 stations, including 1,200 in France, with price reductions of up to -12%.

In addition, Mr. Cousseault appreciates the "customer service, always available to find a quick solution."

The last word from TLM Transports

He "recommends the C2A card to all his colleagues, especially for its ease of use and flexibility, qualities that are highly appreciated in the transportation industry.

Finally, the C2A solution means no deposit or security deposit. This is a considerable advantage that allows you greater flexibility in your spending. Also the flexibility of a Mastercard® that gives you access to all the expenses you want to make, not just fuel. You still have control over them and decide what you allow and deny to your drivers. And last but not least, it's easy to use, accessible and adaptable to everyone. 

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Camille - Copywriter

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