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Recovering taxes

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

Do you have an international transport company? Do your drivers have to travel throughout Europe and even beyond?

For example, if your driver picks up a load in Madrid and delivers the merchandise to Berlin and Moscow.

C2A operates within the MasterCard® international payment network. With the C2A card, your employee can pay for his purchases at the retail outlets you select or withdraw cash from an ATM in any country and anywhere within the MasterCard® network.

The expenditure is paid directly by your company and the driver doesn’t need to advance the costs: he simply uses the C2A card that is configured according to your wishes. The expense report management tool enables him to link each receipt to the expenditure incurred via the card.

You can monitor each of the driver’s transactions in real time through our expenditure management solution. So your control driver expenditure and cap the amounts that can be spent. All your cards are linked to the same, single payment account.

Do you incur expenditures abroad when travelling? Is it difficult to recover your taxes?

Unlike bank cards issued by your traditional bank, no guarantee is necessary to obtain C2A cards. Activation is immediate.

We can help you recover your VAT and various taxes (TICPE formerly TIPP domestic fuel consumption tax, Gasoleo Profesional, etc.) by taking in to account the characteristics specific to each country.

C2A is also a global solution with a single card for your mobility management.

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

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