Avoid business expense fraud

With the C2A solution, boost security
and reduce the risk of fraud.

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Choose a card to avoid

fraud and mistakes

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Do you have to advance cash to your staff ?

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Too much stealing ? Too much cheating?

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Not sure how to remedy these
problems ?

Thanks to the C2A solution, secure your business expenses. You will be granted online access, in realtime, to the status of your cardholders' transactions and authorised expenses.

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50 €

Did you know?


Fraud costs on average €50/month/employee. For a company with 20 travelling employees, this means a loss of €12,000/year.

(Source : Captio study, 2018)

Don't risk becoming a victim of fraud

By joining the C2A solution, you will be gaining access to a payment solution that guarantees the smooth day-to-day running of your organisation.

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Join the C2A solution

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Benefit from our smart card secured by a personal pin code

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Customise and control authorised expenditure

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Remove the risk of fraudulent use

You can restrict the cards’ use: type of spending, limits, geographical use and time slots.

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If the limit is exceeded, for example, the transaction is refused.

The MyC2A online platform helps manage employees' expenses and react if necessary (real-time refusal management).

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Changes to the options are made directly from the platform and are taken into account immediately.

The C2A solution includes insurance and assistance covering each individual cardholder at no extra cost.

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If necessary, your staff is therefore covered incase of fraud, theft or health problems, up to a maximum of 11,000 euros per beneficiary.


They trust us

SMEs, very small companies, large accounts, companies in difficulty or start-ups. Our C2A card is available for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



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Juko Express Logo

Dieter Konasch

CEO of Juko Express

"Before C2A, my drivers used to go on trips with an envelope containing the dedicated funds. It was not very practical: risk of loss, theft, errors, etc."


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Ms Souchon

Operations Manager at Ortet

"Now that they are equipped with C2A cards, drivers no longer leave with large sums of money. This way they avoid risks and theft attempts.


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