Pay your tolls with the C2A card and Negoroad on-board units

Solutions tailored to your fleet and resulting in savings on European motorways.

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Your teams will have peace of mind

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Choice of solution

Pay all tolls with the C2A card and/or NEGOROAD or NEGOLIB EU on-board units.

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No financial guarantees?

Subscribe to our toll solutions without providing credit insurance or a bank guarantee.

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European network

Activate as many countries as possible on our C2A card and our on-board units to cross the whole of Europe.

13 %

Get up to 13%* discount with NEGOROAD’s electronic toll collection

(*depending on the networks crossed).

C2A international card

Pay tolls internationally with configurable C2A cards and benefit from detailed monthly reports by country (subject to conditions).

Our Truck Card
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On-board unit for trucks

Pay tolls in 11 European countries with a single NEGOROAD SAT on-board unit, get up to 13% discount and benefit from a single bill. All without providing financial guarantees if you choose the prepaid option.

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On-board unit for light vehicles

Pay tolls in 4 European countries with a single NEGOLIB EU on-board unit and benefit from a single bill.

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As a C2A account manager, you can follow each of the driver's toll expenses online via the MyC2A web platform.

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All your C2A cards are linked to a single payment account.

Even if your vehicles are already equipped with an on-board unit, there are several circumstances that may make a payment card transaction necessary.

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For example, your driver needs to credit their GO Box in order to drive through the Alberg tunnel in Austria.

Our C2A fuel card associated with an on-board unit does not require any financial guarantee thanks to the pre-payment system.


This system allows companies without financial guarantees (bank, credit insurance, etc.) to obtain solutions for toll payments.

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