Reimbursement of Diesel taxes

Benefit from excise duty recovery
in 8 EU countries.

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Maximise your chances of

recovering your Diesel taxes

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Are you a carrier based in the European Union ?

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Are your vehicles 7.5 tonnes or more, or do your buses have a minimum of 10 seats ?

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Do you want to be sure of getting your Diesel taxes refunded ?

With the C2A Truck card, you can easily recover your TICPE and fuel taxes with our monthly invoice from our partner network. To speed up your procedures, entrust your file to our specialist Negometal.

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Your claim is 10 times more likely to be validated if it is submitted by our Negometal experts.


(Source: French Customs, 2020)

Choose to improve your transport company's cash flow now

Our partner compiles your refund claims with the EU tax authorities.

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Transmit your invoices, vehicle registration documents and rental contracts

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Our partner submits an application to the European authorities upon receipt of the complete file

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Recover your Diesel taxes without wasting time, thanks to our partner

In which countries can I recover Diesel taxes?

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Spain flag


Gasóleo profesional

Italy flag


Benefici gasolio autotrazione

Belgium flag


Droit d'accise spécial



Vračilo trošarine

Hungary flag


Jövedéki adó

Portugal flag


Gasóleo profissional

Croatia flag


Povrat trošarine

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Benefit from 10-day early repayment for France, Spain, Belgium and Slovenia.

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Automate the recovery of Spanish tax

Our TRUCK GP card displays your license plate and our services use your Spanish tax identification number to automate the recovery of the Gasóleo Profesional.

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Negometal, our partner 

specialised in tax recovery for international carriers. 

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