Recovery of your VAT?

With the C2A card and its partner Negometal, make VAT recovery easier in the 27 countries of the European Union, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.

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Maximise your chances of

a VAT refund

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Is your company subject to VAT in your European country ?

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Do you spend money in Europe ?

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Don't want to wait months to get your tax refund ?

With the C2A card and its network of partners, it is possible and easy to recover your VAT. To speed up your process and be reimbursed as quickly as possible, entrust your invoices to our specialist Negometal.



Get your VAT back within 10 days, rather than 8 months*, in 12 European countries with our partner's advance payment method.


(*source: maximum deadline according to Directive 2008/9/EC)

Don't wait months to get your VAT back

Our partner prepares your claims for refunds with the European tax authorities and undertakes to refund the VAT on your Diesel, toll and adBlue invoices (in advance or not).

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Send in your bills for fuel, tolls and other services

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Upon receipt of your complete file, our partner submits an application to the European tax authorities

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Once your file has been processed, the tax authorities refund the amount of your VAT to our partner

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15 days later, our partner will refund you

No more reminders or having to send back multiple receipts without being sure you are getting your money back.

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Thanks to the experts at Negometal, you are 10 times more likely to have your VAT recovery claim validated.

If you don't want to be tied to the taxman's deadline, choose our partner's early repayment method.

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You can be sure to be reimbursed within 15 days once your file has been received by our partner. 

By combining the C2A and Negometal solutions, centralise and automate your administrative and accounting management as much as possible.

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C2A and Negometal have over 45 years of combined expertise, knowledge of the international sector and a day-to-day partnership.