No financial guarantee?

The deposit-free C2A smart card is the solution!


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Choosing a fuel card without

jeopardising your cash flow

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Has your bank not granted you a financial guarantee ?

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Lost your credit insurance ?

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Don't want to tie up 1 month's cashflow with a deposit ?

Many fuel card providers require a deposit in the form of a bank guarantee, cash guarantee or credit insurance. The guarantee-free C2A card can be implemented quickly in any company, even a weak one.

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1 to 2 months

Did you know ?


Most fuel card providers require a deposit worth 1 or 2 months' consumption.

The C2A card is the only fuel card that does not require a deposit

C2A cards simply work with a centralised rechargeable account.

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Join without paying a deposit

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Top up your C2A payment account

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Be free to set up your C2A cards

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Be the sole master of your management process

Card providers require strong guarantees from any new customer to secure invoices.

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C2A does not ask its customers for financial guarantees or a blocked deposit. Any company can therefore benefit from the advantages of the C2A card.

Depending on your needs, you can transfer the necessary amounts to your C2A payment account.

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Your driversor employeestransactions require systematic authorisation.

If the guarantee is in the form of credit insurance, the insurance company can cancel your cover overnight with your card provider. The card provider will have no choice but to block your cards.

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With the C2A card, there is no risk of being deprived of a means of payment and being forced to interrupt your activity.

They trust us

SMEs, very small companies, large accounts, companies in difficulty or start-ups. Our C2A card is available for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



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Eric Casseault

Accountant at TLM

We adopted deposit-free C2A cards so that we no longer have to advance a month's cash …"

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Patrick Bernard

Manager of Aulnay Transports

"In addition, it allows us to have complete control over our budget thanks to the pre-payment system. No deposit, we just pay for what we use !"

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