Your C2A card as a human relations tool

The services of the C2A card are designed to make users of the solution more autonomous and efficient during their business trips.

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Cutting through the red

tape of business expenses

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Too many different cards in your wallet?

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Exhausted by advance fees?

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Need a 100% multi-service and 100% multi-brand payment card?

With the C2A smart card, your employee does not have to pay in advance. Their expenses are filtered upstream, which avoids memos and possible conflicts afterwards.

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80 %

Did you know?

80% of our customers consider that C2A makes their business life easier.


(Source: C2A Customer Survey, 2020)


A card to encourage trust between employee and employer

Access a payment card that provides freedom of movement for travelling staff and
control of expenditure for employers.

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Zero HR conflicts
Make life easier for travellers with a 100% multi-service and 100% multi-brand card

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Zero data entry
Save your staff half a day a month

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Zero expense reports
Access your invoices and expense reports 24 hours a day via the MyC2A web space

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Zero deposit
90% of C2A customers recommend the deposit-free C2A card

Do you need a fuel card that can also pay for vehicle repairs or travel expenses ?

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No need to worry, the C2A card settings are scalable. You can adapt your cards as your company develops.

Once the C2A centralised account has been funded, the manager can transfer to the cardholders' cards only those funds intended to cover their specific needs.

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This well thought-out C2A system compensates for certain human failings, such as the temptation to commit fraud.

You fund the account as often as you like: every Monday morning, every first of the month, you decide.

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To keep you in control, your staff's transactions are visible online in real time.

They trust us

SMEs, very small companies, large accounts, companies in difficulty or start-ups. Our C2A card is available for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



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A.FAUR logo

Lilian Faur

Manager of A.FAUR

"C2A cards give autonomy to my drivers who pay for their authorised restaurant, toll, car mark, hotel and other expenses anywhere in Europe..."


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Great logo

Maeva Forestier

Management assistant at Great

"With the C2A card, it's much simpler and I can easily save a good half-day's work...”

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Modern' Irrigation logo

Ms Simonato

HR Manager at Modern' Irrigation

"Before, our employees used their personal cards and therefore had to advance funds..."


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Kevin Guérin

Operator chez Fernex

"Never get stuck on the road, neither in France nor abroad! I can unblock my drivers myself, very quickly...”


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