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Why do carriers choose the C2A fuel card?

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Nowadays, the majority of employees working in the transportation industry is on the road every day. The fuel expenses for transportation companies are enormous. The fuel card market is represented by several historical oil companies, each one offering their own network of service-stations. But new players have been challenging the fuel card market for several years. This is the case of C2A, which offers a fuel card with advantages that are more than interesting not only for the transport sector but also for any other sector.

Fernex’s operator Kevin Guérin has chosen the C2A card for its fuel advantages . Transport company Fernex is part of the Ritschard Group. Based in Scientrier, close to the Swiss border, Fernex’s drivers have been crisscrossing Europe to deliver all types of goods since 1952. In this industry, many of the employees are on the road a lot. A solution like C2A's was therefore necessary for their expenses.

What does the C2A fuel card do for you transporters ?

The most important thing for us is not to be stuck on the road and to optimize the journey of our drivers. Thanks to the C2A card, we can fill up at the best price!

Kevin Guerin • Fernex’s Operator

The C2A card is a Mastercard® card, which means it is accepted everywhere, the user is not restricted to the C2A fuel network. Cardholders can access C2A's Fuel Network any time they need thanks to their MyC2 A Check web space and find the nearest service - stations geolocating themselves and compare prices.

It is important to know that the C2A card gives you access to a European fuel network with more than 2,300 partner stations, including more than 1,200 in France, and enables you to get up to a 12% discount.

For me, the C2A card is a bank card with a control and setting system

Kevin Guerin • Fernex’s Operator

What do you like the most about this fuel card ?

Never being blocked, neither in France nor abroad! I can unblock my drivers myself very quickly, it is very practical!

Kevin Guerin • Fernex’s Operator

The C2A solution allows the customer to have access to the MyC2A web space that is fully customizable according to the company's needs. If a cardholder makes a transaction that gets declined, an alert will pop on the MyC2A web space and a person allowed to managed the C2A cards will be able to unblock the transaction for 2 hours.

How would you define the C2A solution?

For me, the C2A card is a bank card with a control and setting system, specialized in fuel.

Kevin Guerin • Fernex’s Operator

Indeed, the C2A card is customizable. It is a balance between flexibility and security. Managers decide what expenses can or cannot be made and fund the card accounts accordingly. Moreover, thanks to the MyC2A Check space, cardholders can easily justify their expenses loading receipt(s) pictures and filling some fields. Risks of forgetfulness or losses are thus largely weakened and verifications can be done in any place at any time.

This is a practical solution fulling your needs with fuel or any other expenses related to our business on European roads.

Kevin Guerin • Fernex’s Operator

The C2A card is more than just a fuel card. It is a multi-service card that meets the needs of drivers and managers.

To summarize, the C2A solution is a Mastercard® fuel car d that optimizes your trips and fulfills companies’ needs thanks to personalized settings. The customer can choose service - stations and get the best prices.

As a result, the C2A solution is a time and money saver.

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Camille - Copywriter

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