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The best way to control your expenses as a carrier

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Locatrans 62

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The C2A solution is well adapted to our needs. It offers freedom to the drivers and control of expenses to the manager

Eric Frère • Manager of Locatrans 62

C2A thanks Eric Frère, manager of Locatrans 62, who agreed to answer its questions. Founded in 1998, Locatrans 62 is a transport company that operates throughout France but also in several activities : 

  • Moving
  • Furniture storage/ Storage
  • Transport/Logistics
  • Archive management

Most employees are on the road a lot, and managing fuel expenses is part of their daily routine.


Why did you choose the C2A fuel card ?

The C2A solution is well adapted to our needs. It offers freedom to the drivers and control of expenses to the manager. With the C2A solution, I can control my employees' expenses.

Eric Frère • Manager of Locatrans 62

Indeed, thanks to the tools that make up the C2A solution, the entire organization is facilitated, whether it is the decision-maker, the accounting department, the HR department, or all cardholders.

What do you think of the MyC2A platform ?

I use the MyC2A platform, which is simple and ergonomic, in particular to fund my cards and to consult the expense reports. From time to time, I go to the Card Manager module to manage my cards online and in real time, especially to block unused cards when the situation arises.

Eric Frère • Manager of Locatrans 62

The MyC2A web space makes the C2A offer balanced : the flexibility of a Mastercard® card coupled with the control that the solution offers. Completely customizable and configurable according to the company's needs, the customer can adapt the use of the cards as he prefers.

Is the C2A fuel network right for you ?

I get my fuel from nearby stations (Auchan, Leclerc). The rates offered are attractive, no need to go elsewhere.

Eric Frère • Manager of Locatrans 62

Cardholders can also benefit from a web space: MyC2A Check. This allows them to consult their card balance, manage their expenses but also to have access to the large European fuel network, FuelNetwork. They will simply have to geolocalize themselves on the interactive map to be able to find nearby gas stations in the vicinity and compare the prices. They will have access to 2300 partner stations (1200 in France) as well as C2A discounts of up to -12%.

What do you think of C2A customer service ?

C2A customer service is responsive and efficient. I always get answers to my questions quickly and at any time.

Eric Frère • Manager of Locatrans 62

The transportation industry is full of daily contingencies, so it is essential that they have answers and quick help. At C2A, the Customer Service Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are always ready to listen and to help make life easier for their customers.

A last word on C2A ?

The rates are perfectly consistent and adapted to the service

Eric Frère • Dirigeant de Locatrans 62

Would you recommend the C2A solution ?

I fully recommend the C2A solution to my colleagues or partners !

Eric Frère • Dirigeant de Locatrans 62

In short, the C2A solution is a balance between the freedom of a Mastercard® and the control of expenses thanks to the web client platform MyC2A. It was made to simplify the daily life of companies, so it is totally adaptable to their needs. And finally, we have a Customer Service always available to avoid any discomfort.

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Camille - Copywriter

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