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How can I benefit from both a fuel card and an expense report software

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Ergonomic and easy to use, MyC2A Inpensa saves us time and simplifies pro expense management!

Ms Simonato • Administrative and HR Manager

Ms. Simonato, administrative and HR manager at Modern' Irrigation, agreed to answer C2A's questions. Modern' Irrigation 82 is a water production and distribution company, specialized in the installation of drip irrigation systems, both surface and underground. Created in 1982 and located in Montauban, the teams travel throughout France to satisfy their customers.

Why did you choose the C2A fuel card?

Before, our employees used their personal cards and therefore had to advance funds. After that, we managed a multitude of tickets and Excel files. But now they have a simpler life in the field, we manage their expenses directly without them having to do any handling.

Ms Simonato • Administrative and HR Manager

Thanks to the web space customer, MyC2A, the information of the expenses goes up automatically, the employees only need to justify with a simple photograph of the receipt. This system eliminates the
risk of loss or forgetfulness, facilitates and accelerates the accounting treatments

As a true savings creator, the C2A solution works to simplify life for everyone in the company:

  • The employer does not lose money due to loss, forgetfulness
    or theft
  • The accountant saves time and can concentrate on more urgent tasks
  • Employees no longer have to store a large number of paper receipts in order to be reimbursed, at the risk of losing a good part of them

What do you like about our expense management software?

Ergonomic and easy to use, MyC2A Inpensa allows us to save time and simplify the management of professional expenses! I control the expenses incurred on a daily basis thanks to a single screen view per employee, per card. It's very convenient!

Ms Simonato • Administrative and HR Manager

Indeed, MyC2A Inpensa is completely configurable according to the needs and wishes of the customer. He can control to which types of gas stations his employees can have access. If an employee makes an unauthorized transaction, he will be warned. He will then only have to choose if he accepts it, and in this case the authorization will last 2 hours, or if he refuses it.

Can you tell us the main advantage of the C2A fuel card?

Plus, our employees get their fuel from all of the stations nearby and it's another source of savings and simplicity.

Ms Simonato • Administrative and HR Manager

The C2A card is a Mastercard®, so it is accepted everywhere and is not restricted to a private network. With its extensive European service station network, including more than 2,300 stations in Europe, including 1,200 in France, C2A offers its customers a wide range of choices, regardless of their destination. They can consult and compare the price of nearby stations according to their location, at any time, by simply connecting to the web platform, MyC2A Check, in the FuelNetwork tab where they have at their disposal the whole fuel network.

A final word about C2A?

I recommend the C2A Flex card and Inpensa software for the ease of managing expense reports. The solution saves time for both employees and the accounting department!

Ms Simonato • Administrative and HR Manager

To summarize the C2A solution in a few words: it is essential that it is simple and accessible to all. Also, it is important that the web platform is ergonomic and easy to use, the interest being to save time and money.

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Camille - Copywriter

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