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Mobility management with the C2A fuel card

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

Do your employees have to pay for fuel on the road and motorway networks?

The fuel line item can reach up to 30% of the overall fleet cost (private or commercial vehicles).

With the C2A payment card, your employees can pay for fuel in all places where the MasterCard® is accepted.

How is the C2A fuel card advantageous?

C2A has a permanently growing network of partner service-stations. Insofar as C2A’s card network is also open to all MasterCard outlets, you have access to all the service stations in France and Europe. The density of our network coverage enables you to optimize your journeys and so gain precious time. By avoiding detours, you also save money on fuel.

By avoiding detours, you also save money on fuel.
The right fuel card is the one that corresponds to your geographic scope and use: our network coverage fits all your needs. It can be used to pay for tolls, vehicle washing facilities, secure parking, etc.

The C2A fuel card also functions as a payment card and can be
used to pay all expenditures related
to business travel (hotel, restaurant). You can configure the card according to your needs.

What about prices?

You are regularly informed of service-stations offering the best prices throughout Europe. With the C2A card, you benefit from both the cheapest prices at the pump and an attractive discount.

How far does simplification go with the C2A fuel card?

In our partner service-station network, you benefit from monthly invoicing. Your accounting processes are considerably simplified.

As manager of the C2A account, you can monitor each of your employee’s expenditures in real time via our transaction management solution. So you control the expenditure and fix the payment ceiling.
The C2A account can be used to recover VAT. Unlike traditional fuel cards issued, no guarantee is necessary to obtain C2A cards. Activation is immediate.

C2A is also a global solution with a single card for your mobility management.

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

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