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Interview: C2A fuel card appeals to bus operators

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C2A listens to their customers and is constantly evolving to meet our needs. That's a big plus too!

Lilian Faur • A.FAUR’s Manager

A. FAUR’s manager Lilian Faur has chosen C2A cards to pay for expenses related to his business. Created in 1872, A.FAUR is a 4-generation family company from the Ariege region, which started out
as a valet company. It took the company a century to specialize in what is its core business today: tailored passenger transport. It is nowadays as present on the French market as it is in Europe.

Unforeseen events being part of everyday life, it is necessary for a company with 30 coaches to have a flexible and accessible solution at any time.

Why did you choose the C2A fuel card?

I chose the C2A solution for 2 main reasons. The cards give my drivers autonomy to pay their expenses for restaurants, tolls, parking, hotels and many others throughout Europe. As a company manager, it gives me a close monitoring of each expense. My drivers never spend more than the defined budget.

Lilian Faur • Manager of A.FAUR

The C2A solution offers access to:

  • Mastercard® cards, so they can be used anywhere

  • A web space MyC2A, allowing to manage and personalize the expenses and the budget allocated to each driver

In fact, this webspace is designed so that the customer can fully customize his cards. You can restrict them to the fuel network or authorize payment for tolls, repairs, restaurants and other services. If one of the cardholders tries to make an unauthorized expenditure, the manager will be alerted. He will then just have to connect to his web platform and authorize the transaction, for a period of 2 hours, or refuse it.

What do operators like most about the C2A card?

I am delighted to be able to use the tools that C2A provides me: for example, I can very simply fund my cards from my smartphone at any time of the day or night. In our business it's very appreciable to be able to manage everything directly from your phone 24/7!

Lilian Faur •Manager of A.FAUR

The C2A solution is available at any time and in any place, all you need is an Internet access. With C2A, never be stuck on the road!

I recently learned from my C2A advisor that new tools are available to help us manage. C2A listens to its customers and is constantly evolving to meet our needs. That's a big plus too!

Lilian Faur • Manager of A.FAUR

Because the C2A card is not just a fuel card, but a multi-service card. Their services are designed to simplify the customer's life and save them more time.

And many more are still to come.

What do you think of Customer Service?

It is simply excellent. The service is very responsive both by phone and email. Even on a Sunday night, there is always someone there to help if needed.

Lilian Faur • Manager of A.FAUR

The transportation sector is one of those professions where you have to be available all the time. C2A is fully aware of this, which is why it
makes it a point of honor to ensure that customers are never stranded, regardless of the time of day.

Would you recommend the C2A solution to your colleagues?

It's obvious! To me, C2A is a cutting-edge solution, a forerunner in its field.

Lilian Faur •Manager of A.FAUR

The C2A solution is a perfect balance between "freedom" of professional expenses for the employee and "control" of payments for the employer via a Mastercard® with parameters for authorizing expenses. It is a multi-service solution that adapts to everything and for everyone. Thanks to the reactivity of the Customer Service and the web space MyC2A, you will never be blocked on the road.

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Camille - Copywriter

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