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How to pay all the expenses when you are a carrier?

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Today, the needs of transporters are multiple and drivers must not only pay for fuel and tolls but also for restaurants and other expenses related to their trip. The C2A card distinguishes itself from its competitors with its exclusive advantages.

In this case study, C2A meets with Mr. Dieter Konasch, manager of JUKO Express.

JUKO Express is a freight forwarding company that transports goods to the four corners of Europe. Offering a customized express delivery service with no break in the load. Based in Viry in Haute-Savoie (France); since 2013 they ensure the sending of urgent parcels and offer a high quality taxi-package service. Available 24/7, they ensure certified deadlines, secure vehicles and delivery of sensitive goods.

The advantages and benefits of a secure card

Before C2A, my drivers used to go on trips with an envelope containing the dedicated funds. This was not very practical: risk of loss, theft, errors... The accounting management of expenses was also complicated and time-consuming. Since my staff has been using C2A cards, we have gained flexibility and ease of use so we can focus on our business as a carrier.

M. Dieter Konasch • Director of JUKO Express

Indeed, the C2A solution is simple to use: no deposit or guarantee, the manager sets the cards and the employee only uses the dedicated funds.

The card settings as well as other restrictions, such as time or geographical limits (e.g. use of the cards outside weekends and in certain countries only) prevent any risk of fraud. The same applies to receipts, which no longer need to be kept until the end of the trip, since the cardholder's web space, MyC2A Check, allows the cardholder to take a photo of the receipt to justify the expenditure. The decision-makers can check at any time whether the expenses have been justified. The transaction records can then be downloaded by the managers on their own web space.

More than just a fuel card

The main advantage of the cards for JUKO Express is that "you can pay for all kinds of expenses, far beyond fuel". Since the company's drivers are on the road a lot, their expenses are not limited to fuel; tolls, catering and other expenses are part of their daily routine.

The C2A card is a Mastercard®. As a result, it is accepted everywhere, and can be personalized and configured according to the needs of the company and its cardholders. If one of them tries to make an unauthorized expenditure, the decision-maker receives an alert. It will be enough to connect on the web space customer, MyC2A, and to authorize the transaction for a duration of 2 hours or to refuse it.

The advantage of the C2A solution for us lies in the ease of management and control.

M. Dieter KonaschDirector of JUKO Express

A control tool for the company manager

The advantage of the C2A solution for us lies in the ease of management and control: depending on the destination, we put the appropriate amount on our employee's card, which he then uses for all his business expenses. If these funds are insufficient, we can provide the appropriate amount with one click of the mouse through online banking. On the other hand, in case of surplus, we transfer this remaining amount to another card that would need it.

M. Dieter KonaschDirector of JUKO Express

Indeed, the access to the MyC2A web space can be done from anywhere and at any time. This makes it possible to control the activity of the cards and their accounts at all times. We can say that the C2A solution is a balance between flexibility and control: the freedom of a bank card and the security of a control adapted to each company, according to its needs.

Benefits for the transport company's drivers

Our drivers all have the MyC2A Check application on their smartphones to find the cheapest gas station nearby. Then they just have to be guided to it thanks to the geolocation system.

M. Dieter KonaschDirector of JUKO Express

In addition to being able to consult the balance of his card and manage his expenses, the web space MyC2A Check, allows cardholders to locate nearby gas stations and compare prices in the FuelNetwork tab. With the C2A card, you have access to a European fuel network of more than 2,300 stations, including more than 1,200 in France, with price reductions (up to -12%) in certain stations.

Juko Express has an extra word to say

If you are also a transport company, C2A cards are made for you, especially for their "efficiency and simplicity" recommends the manager of JUKO Express.

Pour résumé, la solution C2A, c’est la flexibilité et la facilité d’utilisation d’une carte Mastercard® classique, alliées à un moyen de gestion et de contrôle simple pour éviter tout risque de fraude. C2A, c’est une solution multiservices efficace, simple et accessible à tous.

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