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Automobile fleet management

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

Do you manage an automobile fleet? Do you want to save money?

The C2A solution enables you to optimize the equation for fuel price/service station network for efficient fleet management.

Thanks to our partners, you benefit from the cheapest price throughout the whole of our European network coverage.

The C2A card functions in all places where MasterCard® payments are accepted. The expenditure is paid directly by your company.

Does it work internationally?

We can offer additional, easy-to-use control solutions, such as restricting the use of the card to certain countries and according to the hours of your choice, for example.

We provide you with a monthly invoice per country, which enables you to recover VAT very simply.

The C2A solution especially enables you to reduce the fuel expenditure item, one of the key factors of cost optimization inherent to fleet management.

And where does monitoring come in to all that?

You can monitor transactions as they happen using the fleet management tools. Our reporting system enables data you need to be collected and collated.

All your cards are linked to the same, single payment account.

No guarantee is necessary to obtain C2A cards.

Activation is immediate.

C2A, is also a global solution with a single card for your mobility management.

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

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