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Expense report management

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Do you need to simplify the management of your expense reports?

Your employees incur numerous expenditures when travelling and your company has to check, do the bookkeeping and handle an endless number of expense reports.

This task is time-consuming and certain errors may occur.

What tools does the C2A card offer?

Our solution simplifies and streamlines the whole process.

With C2A, you have free and secure online access to management tools. You can configure your accounting system in our tool: VAT account, expenditure categories, cost centres, etc.

You can enrich your expense reports through pertinent data: categorization, transaction breakdown, addition of photo, etc.

At the end of the process, we deliver an accounting summary (EDI). The C2A solution for expense report management increases the rapidity of your response and expenditure control while reducing costs and the risk of fraud.


What types of expenditure are covered by the C2A card?

The C2A card handles all the costs related to professional travel-transport, hotels, restaurants, car parks, and more besides. This card can also be used as a fuel card.

The accounts department therefore has an overall vision of the expenditures that are centralized in a single expense report management tool.

This method also enables processing costs to be reduced.

C2A, is also a global solution with a single card for your mobility management.

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

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