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Press release: New transport regulations

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

The solutions developed by C2A help carriers to comply with the new rules defined in the Mobility Package adopted by the European Parliament in December 2020.

With the C2A Truck card, which combines the advantages of a fuel card with those of a traditional payment card and its associated services, C2A helps transport companies to work in compliance with the new measures included in the Mobility Package.

The rules concerning working hours, rest conditions for drivers, application of the posting of workers and cabotage have been redefined. They now apply to all road transport above 2.4 tons (instead of 3.5 tons previously).

In order to comply with the ban on weekly rest periods in the cab, drivers' accommodation and meals can be paid for with the C2A Truck card. This measure has a significant impact. Indeed, many
countries have already reacted. Denmark, for example, is going to multiply by 10 the fines for truck drivers who spend the 45 hour break in the cab of their trucks. In addition, in 2020, a hotel reservation
platform will join the partner network and a single invoice will make it even easier to recover VAT.

With regard to the regulation of cabotage and the posting of workers, the C2A solution meets the needs of drivers on European roads with a network of partner stations that continues to grow (E.Leclerc, Esso, Repsol, Bon Area, Petronieves, Petrem, etc.).

C2A's services in detail

The C2A Truck card with its numerous setting options:

  • Type of expenses allowed (fuel, tolls, hotel, restaurant, etc.).
  • Period of use of the card (week, weekend).
  • Authorized geographical area.
  • Expenditure limit.

The MyC2A web application for managers:

  • Card management, account balance consultation, money transfer.
  • Route planning.
  • Validation of expense reports.

MyC2ACheck smartphone app for drivers:

  • Consultation of the balance of the card.
  • Possibility to generate expense reports with photo of the expense ticket.
  • Access to a map of gas stations, with prices and the best route.

Simplified billing:

  • Opening of one bank account per client.
  • A one-time fee is charged on the amount transferred to the account.
  • Sending a single invoice.

Coming in 2020:

  • A platform of partner hotels in Europe with the possibility to book and pay for your hotel room from the MyC2A portal. The hotel costs will then be integrated into the single global invoice.


About C2A:

C2A was created in 2010 by Mr. Gilles D'Huiteau, then founder and CEO of the Negometal group. He decided to develop a payment solution without requiring a deposit or insurance coverage. At the same
time, he allows his customers to get out of the monopoly of a single fuel provider.

This solution grew very quickly to become much more than a fuel card. It is rather a payment card with many connected services, not only for transporters but also for companies with mobile staff throughout
Europe. The C2A solution continues to be developed and enriched to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry.

Press contact :

Eva Durisova - C2A
Operational Marketing and Communication

Franck David - FD Communication
01 43 41 65 59 / 06 71 11 75 94


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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

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