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FLOTAUTO: The Mendy Group travels through Spain with the C2A card

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Extract from FLOTTES AUTOMOBILES - March 16, 202 (full article). 

The Mendy Group has C2A Truck cards to supply its vehicles in Spain with fuel and also uses C2A to recover the Spanish TICPE.

The Mendy Group comprises three companies: Transports Ibaremborde, Transports Etchego and Mintegui Logistique. Its director, Patrick Mendy, has imposed the use of the C2A card for cross-border
fueling and for all drivers working in Spain.

Photographie d'un homme devant un camion du groupe Mendy

Recovering the Spanish TICPE

I switched all our fuel supplies in Spain to the C2A card. My goal was to take advantage of the 12% discount that
C2A gets on fuel prices, but also of its approval by the Spanish authorities. This allows us to recover 0.05 euros per liter on the Spanish TICPE," he explains. This means that we benefit from
a fuel price in Spain that is significantly lower than in France. However, there is a drawback to the operation: "Since the C2A card is paid for immediately, the account must be credited in advance. Whereas with a fuel card, I would pay within 30 days," says Patrick Mendy. This penalizes our cash flow, but the very low prices are worth it.

Patrick Mendy • Director of the Mendy Group

However, there is a disadvantage to the operation: "As the C2A card is an immediate payment card, the account must be credited in advance. Whereas with an oil card, I would pay thirty days in advance," regrets Patrick Mendy. This penalises our cash flow but the very low prices are worth it.

Breakdowns and payments of fine

The Mendy Group does not use the card for motorway tolls. All my vehicles are already equipped with the AS24 Passango electronic toll collection system," says Patrick Mendy. I have therefore blocked
the use of the C2A card for diesel or LNG purchases for the ten tractors that consume it. But if I needed to, I could simply call the service provider and the card could be used to pay for hotel nights for my drivers, breakdown services or traffic fines. Their services are reliable and their staff is responsive," concludes this manager.

3 camions de transport de marchandises

New at C2A

C2A has developed a comparative application for booking hotel rooms and residences on its MyC2A site for cardholders. The objective is to take into account the ban on sleeping in cabs during weekends
introduced by the Mobility Package. For international carriers, the service provider has combined its C2A Truck card with the Negoroad electronic toll box, designed by its parent company Negometal,
which is valid in eight countries with fare discounts of up to 13%.

Expansion to ferries and Eurotunne

In 2021, C2A will integrate travel booking and payment with 30 European ferry companies and on Eurotunnel shuttles. By 2022, C2A hopes to extend its network of fuel stations to Italy, partnering with
the 12% price reduction already offered to carriers sourcing from French networks.

Article written by Michel Grinand

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