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Press Release: C2A launches its hotel service in France

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

The company known for its all-in-one payment card for fleets and carriers is expanding its offer with the addition of hotel reservations in France. Thanks to this new offer, a first in the multiservice card
market, all business travelers and carriers equipped with a C2A card can now book a hotel at the best price among nearly 20,000 hotels in France. Expense management is simplified thanks to a monthly
expense report.

The largest selection at the best price

The offer, accessible directly from the C2A web space via a simple and intuitive search engine, available in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese), allows you to book a hotel from one of the largest offers available on the French market. In fact, more than 110 accommodation providers such as Booking, Expedia and have been integrated.

C2A's offer is also based on negotiated pricing, which ensures that users benefit from the best price on the market. To achieve this, C2A turned to the European leader in reservation solutions and services related to the business hotel industry, CDS. The resulting search engine enables
instantaneous, real-time comparison of the offers available from all suppliers. In practice, the company or the employee will be able to proceed with the reservation and choose his rate according to his
business travel policy (hotel category, hotel chain, type of services, maximum budget...). The user will then receive a booking confirmation to present at the hotel on the day of arrival.

Optimize the management of overnight stays for companies

The accommodation item accounts for an average of 22% of expenses in expense reports (Expensya 2018 study). For carriers, this is a new cost, made mandatory since the adoption of the Mobility Package last July. An important category of expenditure therefore, on which C2A wanted to act, to enable companies to optimize this cost and the time spent by the administrative departments concerned. With the new solution, companies can manage the overnight stays of all their employees,
predefining the applicable options, booking their accommodation if necessary, and keeping a direct eye on the expenses incurred. To simplify accounting, the company will also be able to view a monthly
disbursement note summarizing all of the users' hotel transactions.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this new service, which has already been acclaimed by our test customers. C2A has always chosen to offer connected services to make life easier for its customers. In a rapidly changing transportation market, C2A will continue to establish itself as a multi-service solution and to offer more and more solutions for managing business expenses.

Gilles D’Huiteau • President C2A

About C2A:

C2A was created in 2010 by Mr. Gilles D'Huiteau, then founder and CEO of the Negometal group. He decided to develop a payment solution without requiring a deposit or insurance coverage. At the same
time, he allows his customers to get out of the monopoly of a single fuel provider.

This solution is growing very fast to become much more than a fuel card. Rather, it is a payment card with many connected services, intended not only for transporters but also for companies with mobile
staff throughout Europe. The C2A solution continues to be developed and enriched to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry.

Press contacts:

Nelly Lassus - C2A Card
Responsible Marketing

Raphaëlle Roudet - FD Communication
01 43 41 65 59 / 07 81 81 93 26

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

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