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Interview: the best budget control with the C2A solution

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Camille - Copywriter

Ervine Guy et Fils

Transport company 19 Truck
since 2014

The MyC2A platform allows me to be self sufficient in funding my accounts, managing my cards and
viewing my documents.

Ms Ervine Executive Assistant

Ms. Ervine, the executive assistant of Ervine Guy et Fils, describes her experience with the C2A solution. Founded in 1989, Ervine Guy et Fils is a road transport company of interurban freight which acts on the national territory.

Why did you choose the C2A fuel card without a deposit?

At the time, my cash flow situation was very tight. I immediately appreciated the C2A no deposit option. I only pay for what I spend, so I have control over my budget.

Ms Ervine • Executive Assistant

At C2A, there is no deposit or security deposit. The manager no longer has to worry about this problem and can concentrate on his core business and the unforeseen, urgent expenses related to it.

What is the main advantage of the C2A card for you?

With C2A, the administrative management is very rigorous. I can easily process my TICPE refunds thanks to the tracking documents provided by C2A online, in my secure space. My administrative management has become simple and efficient.

Ms Ervine • Executive Assistant

C2A offers a solution that makes life easier and saves time. Thanks to the MyC2A web space, the customer has access to all the expenses made by his cardholders in time. And his expense management is simplified, each month he has an invoice to download, gathering all the transactions. He will no longer have to enter the tickets one by one, it is automated.

What do you think of the C2A card's fuel network?

The C2A cards replaced my tank, which was costly and time consuming to manage. My drivers have a choice of stations and this empowerment leads them to go for the cheapest station nearby. Today, this is even easier thanks to the new MyC2A Check application.

Ms Ervine • Executive Assistant

MyC2A Check has been created to allow cardholders to check their balance, manage their expenses and also have access to C2A's large European fuel network, through the FuelNetwork tab. They just
need to geo-locate themselves to be able to locate nearby gas stations and also to compare their prices. The network is composed of 2300 stations, 1200 of which are in France, and the card is accepted at Leclerc, Esso, Eni, Repsol, Shell and many more. Moreover, with the C2A card, you have access to price reductions in certain partner stations of up to 12%.

And finally, what is your opinion on the C2A management platform?

The MyC2A platform allows me to be autonomous to fund my accounts, manage my cards and consult my documents. As a result, I have never found myself short of solutions to solve unforeseen problems I sometimes encounter on the road!

Ms Ervine • Executive Assistant

The transport sector is one of those sectors that deal with daily unanticipated events. It was therefore essential to propose a solution that brings together services that can facilitate this daily hassle. C2A is not just a fuel card; it is a Mastercard®, a multi-service card, adapted and adaptable to everything and everyone.

To summarize, the C2A solution is first and foremost a payment solution that does not require a security deposit or financial guarantee. It is also a secure management space for customers, their expenses and their cards, adapted to their needs. It is also an access to a large European fuel network and reduced prices. Finally, the C2A solution is a real money-saver, saving time and money.

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Camille - Copywriter

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