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Press release: C2A, multi-service payment card

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

C2A, a company specializing in the management of expenses related to professional mobility, offers a solution that combines the advantages of a fuel card and a professional bank card. It is intended for all fleet managers and mobile employees.

C2A Flex cardholders have access to a large European network of partner service stations that offer attractive rates, premium services and a single digital invoice for easy VAT recovery.

The C2A Flex card is part of a set of connected services dedicated to the optimization of business trips: the mobile application MyC2A Check indicates the nearest partner service station with the daily prices-MyC2A Inpensa allows to manage one's expenses by taking a picture of the receipt. The user can check the amount available on his card at any time.

The C2A solution is a complete mobility solution that allows you to manage your expenses directly from your smartphone. C2A Flex is also a Mastercard that can be used at any point of sale that accepts it. It is therefore possible to buy fuel outside the C2A partner network and choose the service-station of your choice. A specific report will then be made on the fuel expenditure. Similarly, all mobile staff expenses are covered and can be managed with the C2A Flex card, such as tolls, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The manager chooses the types of expenses he or she will authorize to his or her employee and sets the card accordingly. Expenses are centralized in a single tool for better control and easier accounting and administrative management. The expenses incurred by the employees are sent to a platform accessible by the fleet manager and the administrative departments (accounting, HR), who can thus monitor the transactions of each card in real time and activate or deactivate the authorized options.

The C2A Flex payment card gives access to:

  • A network of partners offering attractive discounts, a single invoice, and additional services. In France, C2A is a partner of E. Leclerc, C4T Calais, Dyneff, ENI, Esso, Esso Express, Rompetrol.
  • Mobile applications to manage expenses, expense reports, access a map with gas stations, consult the balance available on your card.

The list of Champions of Growth 2020 published by Les Echos honors the most daring French companies in the fields of commerce, industry, architecture and fashion. C2A ranked 47th out of the 500 companies selected, all regions and scales combined. C2A is continuing its development and will be offering a new network of European partners in the hotel industry with invoicing during 2020.

About C2A:

C2A was created in 2010 by Mr. Gilles D'Huiteau, then founder and CEO of the Negometal Group. He decided to develop a payment solution without requiring a deposit or insurance coverage. At the same time, he allows his customers to get out of the monopoly of a single fuel provider.

This solution is growing very fast to become much more than a fuel card today. Rather, it is a payment card with many connected services, not only for transporters but also for companies with mobile staff
throughout Europe. The C2A solution continues to be developed and enriched to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry.

Press contacts:

Richard Crawshaw - C2A
Responsible marketing

Franck David - FD Communication
01 43 41 65 59 / 06 71 11 75 94

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

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