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Motorway toll payment card

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

Do your employees have to pay tolls on motorways, tunnels and bridge everywhere in Europe?

The C2A solution enables these costs to be simply and easily paid throughout Europe.

C2A cards require systematic authorization and they function in all places where MasterCard® payments are accepted.

The expenditure is paid directly by your company so the driver doesn’t need to advance the costs: he just needs to bring you the invoice or proof of payment.

How are transactions controlled?

As manager of the C2A account, you can monitor each of the driver’s expenditures in real time via our platform’s expenditure
management solution.

All your cards are linked to the same, single payment account.

And does it work internationally?

Yes, we can also supply prepaid motorway toll badges. No guarantee is necessary. These badges function upon request in several countries:
France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Italy. We provided detailed monthly reports for each country.

Do you already have a toll card?

Even though your trucks are equipped with automatic payment systems for heavy goods vehicles, several circumstances can make a bank card payment necessary. For example: your driver needs to credit his GO Box in order to use the Alberg tunnel in Austria. With the C2A Truck payment card, the driver can simply stop at a service station and credit his GO Box via one of the terminals used for this purpose

C2A, is also a global solution with a single card for your mobility management.

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Nelly - Editor-in-Chief

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